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CTR Benchmarks for the e-Commerce Industry

When you’re practicing in any particular field, you need to pay attention to the benchmarks which apply to it. If you don’t know what the benchmarks are, you’re not going to aware of whether you’re meeting the mark or missing it by a wide margin. Regardless of the kind of data or results you are […]

Epic and Proven Sales Strategies

The ease to launch an online store has significantly increased the number of businesses competing against each other online. Having a winning sales strategy is extremely important for businesses wanting to boost sales and achieve customer success. To smooth out the bumps and make revenues incredibly predictable, you need to have a strategic plan to […]

Digital Transformation Best Practices

Whenever an organisation takes up the road to transforming itself digitally, we take it as an exciting frontier for the business. But the real problem lies with the successful implementation of this transformation within an organisation. There’s often a lack of deep thinking in making a strategy about how the implementation should be taken up. […]

Customer Privacy in a Nutshell

Think that maintaining the confidentiality of consumers is only a consideration for business giants like Sony or Facebook? Think again. In recent years, numerous small or big organisations have not only lost their customer base due to privacy issues, but were also sued due to these privacy mishaps. In the modern world, organisations are, morally […]

21 Components of Your Customers Data that Have to be Secure

The level of security provided to the sensitive information of a business or an individual determines their privacy. With the digital age progressing fast with every passing second, the concerns on the privacy of data is mounting as well. Whenever and wherever the data is provided, collected, and stored, there is a high risk of […]

The Importance of Click-through Rate (CTR)

Monitoring the success of your digital campaign rests on several key factors. One of these key factors is an important but often overlooked metric; click-through rate. The metric often tends to get overshadowed by other metrics such as cost-per-click and the number of purchases made by a customer.  Cost-per-click is just one part of the […]

4 Handy Tips for Busy CIO

Customer experience has evolved unconditionally and exponentially within the last decade, and it’s expected to continually evolve in the upcoming years to a point where we might not even recognize what it looks like today. Does the above mentioned statement give you an idea of the importance of customer experience? Does it tell you why […]