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‘Hire’ This Article About Milkshakes If You’re Struggling To Understand Customer Needs

Guest Post by Gaston Viau How the Job-To-Be-Done theory can help you understand consumer behaviors and provide you an innovation compass There are zillions of words written about how customer centricity leads companies to success. However, the “customer-centric” term is sometimes misused as a catchall for customer feedback or customer satisfaction results, but making people […]

What are the Best Strategies to Ace Customer Engagement

Guest Post by Shane Barker No matter what field you work in, customer engagement is just as essential as lead acquisition. In fact, 68% of marketers today say that their companies compete on the basis of customer experience. However, many marketers still struggle with figuring out the best ways to keep their customers engaged; holding the attention […]

“Always Start With The Customer Experience, Not With The Technology” Former Apple CEO John Sculley Shares The Secrets Of Steve Jobs’ Success

Guest Post by Yitzi Weiner at Authority Mag We had the pleasure to have a conversation with Jon Sculley, the former CEO of both Pepsi and Apple Thank you so much for your time. You have been at the helm of two legendary companies, Pepsi and Apple. Do they have a common denominator? Can you break […]

The Conversational Gap Model – A Personal Journey to Conversational Commerce

Guest Post by Paul Sweeney Many years ago a Chilean gentleman named Fernando Flores developed an interaction model that modelled workflows as conversations. At it’s core was the concept that there were four distinct phases to a conversation, but that in general, organisations did not model these phases accurately or with enough granularity. It was […]

Reaching Consumers Through Social Media Conversations

Marketing and social media should be best friends. They have to be for most products and services to reach a mass market of any significance at a relatively low cost. I’m a ‘supermarketaholic’ and enjoy visiting the biggest store close-by. Walking the lanes recently was both nostalgic and different. Nostalgic because I know this experience will change in […]

5 Marketing Automation Strategies to Increase Profits

While the concept of automation has been around since the beginning of the industrial age, its presence in today’s economy seems to be growing at record speeds. New technologies, combined with a better understanding of how they work, have allowed business of all types to grow in ways previously thought impossible. One of the more […]