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Customer Service: Its Importance and Value

Customer service is often overlooked by many companies because it’s hard to measure the direct value of providing great customer experience. In today’s highly competitive market, businesses have to make tough calls on what to focus on next to survive, and unfortunately, providing customer satisfaction is usually on the lower end of the list. Without […]

6 Best Machine Learning Courses for Beginners

Machine learning. Yes, it’s one of the most popular buzzwords in tech today. And no, it does NOT involve robots replacing humans and sitting in classrooms. We’ve gathered 6 of the best machine learning courses for someone who has no idea what machine learning is. According to TechTarget, “Machine learning is a type of artificial […]

7 Sales Strategy Templates You Wish You Had Earlier!

Sales. The single stat that so many companies strive to maximize. The one thing that gets nearly 6.5 million people up in the morning and keeps them up at night. Probably the main reason that you yourself are reading this sales strategy template blog right now. Yet without an effective sales strategy, how can you expect […]

Has customer service and experience changed? What’s next for your business?

Guest Blog By Cassie McInnes That is a very good question! The answer is yes, and no. I’ll explain why. Why the meaning of customer service and experience hasn’t changed The description of ‘customer’, ‘service’ and ‘experience’ remains the same in the dictionary: Customer: Someone who buys goods or services from a business or a […]

Customer Experience, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Thoughts from Oovvuu, Canva & The Minerva Collective

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is all the buzz right now, and rightfully so with the significant contributions it has made to redefining many aspects of business. However, many people are still skeptical about the application of AI and ML to enhancing customer experience. Some would argue that machines cannot possibly take over […]

Want Your Customer Service To Be Sustainable? Be Dynamic

Guest blog by Jemma Martin Customer service is subjective. It’s no longer about responding in the ‘right’ way. There is no such thing. It’s about having the ability to be agile enough to facilitate the right answer in the right moment. Because every customer will want something different, depending on the product, the medium, the […]