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4 Ways Woveon Can Be Used to Spice Up Your Online Marketing

Posted 11 Jul / By Michael Trahan / In Digital Marketing


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Woveon is an easy-to-use online application that provides businesses a centralized location to manage their customer channels, such as social media and phone calls. Using machine learning, social listening, a wide breadth of data, and a clean user interface, Woveon helps prioritize inquiries, identify valuable customers, and suggest personalized content. It levels the playing field for small businesses to complete with larger social media teams and helps enterprises visualize customer journeys. It simplifies online customer relations and makes businesses more efficient in managing the touch points they have with customers. Customer service is in our DNA. We strive to ensure businesses can scale and respond back to all their customer inquiries.

 Learn How to Identify Valuable Customers in One View


Intelligent Customer Service to Better Your Online Marketing Campaign

1. AI and ML to Identify Valuable Online Customers

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Woveon uses advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) programs to identify valuable customers. When using online marketing, it is important to target customers that actively use social media. For example, if two people were to tweet a customer service comment at a company, Woveon's programs can figure out which customer is more connected via social media. It does this by looking at their number of followers, number of tweets, past interactions with these individuals and just social media activity in general. It will move clients that it defines as more valuable to the front and prioritize them. Woveon's AI and ML do not stop here. In fact, Woveon is working on programs that can come up with responses for the representative. It would not respond automatically, but instead read the messages and have options that the rep could then click through to best respond to the waiting customer. AI and ML are great tools Woveon is using to better online marketing through customer service.

2. Multiple Channels

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Have you ever had to talk with customers across multiple channels at once? Have you ever forgotten to respond to one of their comments? Woveon makes it very simple to communicate across multiple channels to keep up online marketing and customer service. Woveon has implemented a single platform that brings Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and phone calls all to one place. Your customer service and online marketing team will never miss a conversation again. This not only makes sure you get in contact with all customers trying to reach you, but this also speeds up the process!

3. Speed of Response 

speed-response-cmo-online marketing -digital marketing-Woveon

In a world obsessed with speed and accessibility, it is important for customer service and marketing teams to be fast and efficient. Woveon's software once again speeds up response rate and prioritizes. Woveon has a search box where a representative easily look up customer's names so they do not have to search through the queue. Also, as mentioned before, representatives no longer have to look through all different channels of customer interaction. Woveon simply combines all customer questions to a single platform. The online marketing team works hand-in-hand with the customer service team in this case because they use the same communication channels with customers and have the same goals: gain new customers and keep existing customers happy. With the ease of contact, simplified multiple channel communication and other useful features such as conversation history, Woveon is the definition of speed and efficiency in marketing and customer service. 

4. Conversation History

How many times have you had to repeat yourself to multiple customer service agents, multiple times? Conversation history allows representatives to visit past conversations to both understand past problems customers have had, in order to better help them now, and to know your customers more personally. This takes away the frustration of repeating your problem to companies. Customers like personal interaction when contacting companies. With Woveon, it is easy to look up past conversations. Woveon is currently working on a 3D model that highlights past problems and then branches off into similar problems other people have had. This diagram allows representatives to try to solve problems faster by following what other customers have already tried. The conversation history, though a simple tool, enhances the customer experience and is great for online marketing simplicity.

Woveon and Online Marketing

Woveon has simplified the customer service experience and allowed online marketers to come closer to customer service. With the huge emphasis that companies are putting on social media, companies such as Woveon make it easy for these teams to work together. Woveon improves response time by having a simple search bar, combining all channels onto a single platform, and making customers' conversation history easily accessible. Lastly, Woveon's incredible AI and ML software takes lots of pressure off of the customer service representatives and allows for faster, yet well-thought out responses. So why wait? Join Woveon today and see how it can help your customer service and online marketing teams!


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