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Woveon Launches its Private Beta

Posted 26 Jul / By Jay Hu / In Press

Today, Woveon is excited to launch the private beta of its online customer service platform to a small group of companies. This is the first time that third-party users will have access to the platform. Woveon is hoping to test and validate its product, collect feedback, and start onboarding companies through this private beta before launching its public beta in August.

Woveon Wins the Penn Wharton Innovation Fund

Posted 20 May / By Jay Hu / In Press

Today, Woveon is proud to announce that the company has won the Penn Wharton Innovation Fund from the University of Pennsylvania. Endowed by Alberto Vitale, a Wharton alumnus in the Class of 1959, the fund is intended to catalyze innovation and uncover students' brainpower at the School. Applications are evaluated based on:

  • Usefulness
  • Creativity and innovativeness
  • Ability to scale and create change
  • Development process
  • Feasibility

Woveon Joins the Nest Community at Benjamin's Desk

Posted 06 May / By Jay Hu / In Press

Woveon is excited to announce that it has joined the Nest Community of startup companies at Benjamin's Desk in Philadelphia. Benjamin's Desk is a business incubation engine whose mission is "to spur innovation, accelerate business growth, facilitate investment, and foster thriving companies that create jobs, generate revenue, impact communities, and drive growth to every corner of the world." Woveon now has access to its coworking space on 601 Walnut Street right next to Independence Hall as well as access to programs, events, mentorship, resources, and a network of top entrepreneurs and budding startups.

Woveon Receives Pre-Seed Funding from Rough Draft Ventures

Posted 05 Dec / By Jay Hu / In Press

Woveon is delighted to announce today that the company has received pre-seed funding from Rough Draft Venturesan offshoot of General Catalyst created by Peter Boyce. Rough Draft Ventures has backed over 90 companies and 150 student entrepreneurs and created more than 550 jobs. Startups backed by Rough Draft Ventures have raised a whopping $230 million in follow on capital. The venture capital firm has partnered with Amazon Web Services, HubSpot, Google Cloud Platform, WeWork, and Silicon Valley Bank.

Woveon Wins the M&T Innovation Fund

Posted 30 Oct / By Jay Hu / In Press

Today, Woveon won the M&T Innovation Fund, which is backed by the University of Pennsylvania and the Jerome Fisher Management and Technology Program. The fund provides venture development, mentorship, a network of successful M&T program alumni, and seed-stage, non-equity grants for startups run by current Penn students or recent M&T program graduates.

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