Intelligent Responses

Accelerated growth and spread of data in enterprise makes finding and using accurate information in customer conversations harder for agents. Powered with AI, Woveon learns off past conversations and interactions to suggest responses that have worked to create a sale or a loyal customer. Empower your agents with faster, better and more personalized responses.

Where Does The Data Come From?

Woveon connects your existing customer data platforms to extract information relevant to a customer conversation.

  • CRMs
  • Sales software
  • Marketing software
  • ECommerce software
  • And more

How It Works

1. Connect Your Messaging Channels

Connect all the messaging channels you use to engage with your customers through our readily available plugins.

2. Connect Your Customer Data Platforms

Connect your existing platforms that have customer data, like Salesforce, Zendesk and Shopify. These can be connected through our readily available plugins or through our flexible API and SDK.

3. Let The Magic Work – Suggested Responses

Over time, Woveon’s AI and machine learning models will be trained to provide better and higher converting responses. It will help suggest responses that convert leads to customers for sales, or responses that create happier customers for support.


Faster Response Speed
Providing better contextual knowledge can reduce an agent’s response time by 20% – 80%. Efficient responses mean satisfied customers and competency to handle more.

Customer Data Ingestion
Make more sense of customer data. Data from different customer sources are cleaned up and normalized for intelligent response suggestions, segmentation and analysis.

Collaborative Environment
Collaborate with colleagues across departments to solve difficult customer issues.

Data Democratisation
Provide seamless experiences by having visibility across a customer’s historical conversations, purchases and interactions all in a single view timeline.

Integration Friendly
Have visibility across all customer data by integrating customer data systems you already use with our API and SDK.