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Customer Service: Its Importance and Value

Customer service is often overlooked by many companies becasue it's hard to measure the direct value of providing great customer experience. In today's highly competitive market, businesses have to make tough calls on what to focus on next to survive, and unfortunately, providing customer satisfaction is usually on the lower end of the list. Without being able to properly quantify the direct value of great service, many businesses can't justify spending time and resources on providing it. Other businesses just see customer service more as a pain, and choose to be reactive, rather than proactive to customer expectations. However, the truth is, great customer service is absolutely crucial to the long-term survival of the business. 

Customer Service Skills

For many companies, customer-facing agents are likely to be the only employees the customers interact with. As such, any conversation between them and the customer will be seen as an interaction with the brand, and any service agent qualities will be seen as a reflection of the brand itself.

Customer Service Strategy

A customer service strategy (aka. customer service charter or customer care policy) defines the standards of care and service your customers can expect from your business, and sets the requirements for your employees on meeting them. This document ties together customer service, business and employee goals to create a service culture across the company.

Customer Insight Analysis

As with every other discipline, data is extremely important to gain valuable and actionable insights. Customer insight analysis has traditionally been more a component in marketing, but with customer experience becoming more and more of a diffrentiator between companies, there's a very real need to have real-time customer data to help support agents give the best service they can provide.


In a Genesys Global Survey, 40% of 9000 consumers say better human service mattered to them the most in customer service, much more than other options such as integration of more channels and enriched content. Research has shown that personalisation incentivize people to buy morebuy frequently and tell their friends to buy too.

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