Digital Transformation Audit

When it comes to digital transformation, every intelligent business in the world wants to adopt it (if they haven’t already done so) because it allows them an easy way to measure their success. If you want to learn where you stand in your digital transformation journey, you need to take advantage of digital transformation audits. It will help you understand how far you have come, and how much further you need to go before you finally manage to achieve digital transformation success.

Before we get to identifying digital transformation, let’s first look at what digital transformation means to businesses. Whenever we talk about digital transformation, we are looking at new business models, user or customer experiences, along with operational processes. When you combine all of them, you not only engage people, but also connect with them through different technologies. This way you can create deeper and more meaningful relationships with your customers.

Why audit?


When we talk about a digital transformation audit, we are discussing how far along your business has come in terms of technology and what type of digital trends you have adopted. It is basically your digital footprint, and if you are looking to compete in your industry, it is imperative you get a digital transformation audit.

Most businesses don’t understand the value in audits, but that is only because they fail to understand that knowing your weaknesses before they are exposed is a strength. It is designed to help identify key areas where a business can improve, and what they need to do to create lasting transformative changes. The entire process is complex, but you will need to adopt it if you want to survive in the economy today. A digital audit helps create a roadmap for your organisation, since it outlines where you stand, and helps you measure yourself as a digitally transformed company.

Achieving Digital Value The business world is highly competitive and therefore, you must adopt digital transformation if you want to stand apart from your competition. Once you have achieved digital superiority over your competition, you will become the leader in your industry. However, all of this requires that you achieve digital value as a brand. How do you achieve that? By conducting a digital transformation audit.

It will not only help you respond to digital disruption, but will also help you figure out effective, innovative, and transformational solutions. The digital world is always changing and the only way you will ever be able to stay ahead of the curve is through digital transformation audits.

It looks at the strengths of your organisation and any vulnerabilities that have crept into the organisation. This way you can separate the good from the bad, and achieve digital transformation easily.

Expand your revenue generation

When it comes to digital transformation, you will need to adopt complex IT solutions, because that is one way that you are going to bring about change in your organisation. Studies have revealed that businesses that want to dominate the IT industry needed the help of digital transformation audits, so that they have a better idea of where they stand. It helps them come out with a timeline for eradicating processes that are hampering their chances of true digital transformation.

Helping your organisation adopt digital transformation trends is going to be hard, because change is hard and not everyone is equipped to deal with wholesale changes. To ensure that you’re on the right path, you will need to adopt digital transformation strategies that are designed according to the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation. Once your organisation has adopted the latest digital trends in the industry, you will be able to expand your revenue generation.

Dealing with digital performance

The one key area that a digital audit is such a huge success is in determining what kind of problems are persisting in the digital setup of an organisation. Once you go through the audit, you will have a clearer picture of where you stand, and what you need to do to achieve digital transformation independence. Once you start monitoring your own digital performance and the environment it is creating in your organisation you will be able to make changes.

Dealing with digital performance is crucial to achieving digital transformation, and this is what an audit will help identify. Most businesses are hesitant towards audits, because they don’t want an outside party going through their processes. This is understandable because no business wants their secrets and important data to fall into the wrong hands.

However, conducting a digital transformation audit has a lot of benefits for the organisation, and when it is done by professionals, you will be able to achieve exceptional performance levels. Investing in the IT of your organisation includes investing in digital transformation audits, because it is linked to the future of your business and your legacy.

Why is Multi Channel Customer Service Important

We live in a time of plentiful choices. Making the most of it, many organisations or start-ups in Australia are creating their impact, in the shortest possible time, by means of integrating multiple channels of customer service in their businesses.

Nowadays, integration of multi-channel customer services is one of the most important factors for a business to consider, due to many reasons. By providing a range of options to the customer, businesses in Australia are attracting and growing their loyal customer base significantly. They build high value by affecting the way in which people are making purchase decisions nowadays.

In addition, offering abundant choices to your customers is a forerunner for a business to maintain its presence, meet the customer needs round the clock irrespective of their location, and empower customers to take the right decision. To assist you further, let’s have a detailed look at the concept of multi-channel customer service in Australia.

Business Efficiency through Multi Channel Integration

Multi channel customer service holds huge potential in delivering business efficiency and excellent customer experiences. The customer experience offered by integrating a multi channel strategy creates a more personalised, optimised and responsive outlook of a business in Australia’s competitive and transforming industries.

As per the Fifth Quadrant’s research;

The primary channels that attract the maximum investment of various small or big organisations are 83% online or self-service – digital, 62% mobile apps, 34% email and surprisingly, 57% of investment is focused on the phone or voice channel while 18% towards face to face channels.

This clearly emphasises on the potential that opens up for a business with the integration of multi channel customer service. Along with that, the level of exposure of the customer base to your business improves, as you cater to the needs of your customers by all means, and without falling short of their expectations.

Are you increasing the investment in multi channel customer service this year, to attain higher business value in your particular industry?


If you too, plan to join the forces of digital transformation and differentiate your business from the existing competitors, then you must make the most of these consumer channel preferences, and make only the right decisions, most importantly in the right direction, to optimise your customer service experience.

The top most channels utilised by Australian consumers, to avail customer service, are through phone conversation – 62%, via self-service website – 41% and in person – 45%.

The Prospective Channels of Customer Service and Their Importance

Organisations that believe in delivering exceptional customer support, reach out to their consumers through all of those channels where their customers are present. Thus:

  • If your existing customer base includes avid user of emails, opt for an instant email support.
  • If they like to reach your business on Twitter, make this platform as your potential channel of customer support to access your customers efficiently.

In continuation of the above stated Fifth Quadrant research, keeping a strong grip on all the available channels of customer support will be the only key factor in differentiating your business and moving it along to a true market leader.

Email: This is undoubtedly the most non negotiable channel for all types of businesses. Almost 91% of consumers utilise an email service, everyday. This is the easiest means of building instant rapport with your customer base.

Social Media: Social networks are now the most excellent means of accessing your customer and to grow your business. Companies who use social networks as customer support channels have 15% lower churn rates than the ones who don’t.

Self-service Knowledge Base: As the name depicts, the self-service knowledge base is extremely useful to help your customers get to know you better, without being present for their assistance, through a live channel of customer support. You can deliver exceptional assistance 24/7 with just a small team.

Voice or live Chat:Phone support is old-fashioned but considered as the fastest means of communication between your business and the customer base. In fact, phone assistance accounts for almost 68% of the speediest interactions. Similarly, 44% of customers say that having a live chat support during an online purchase creates a trustworthy relationship with the service providers and is accounted for, as the top feature a website could offer.

Multi Channel Customer Service – A mean of seamless consumer experience

Your customer wants to be able to contact you with whatever device they hold in their hands and that is what your business needs to do – make itself accessible, by all possible means, for your customer’s satisfaction.

Integrate many digital platforms and provide seamless consumer experience through different channels. If you manage to reach out to your consumer base through numerous channels, your business will be providing fantastic experience to its customers, which is hard to give up.

Gain more loyalty and trust with your instant customer service. Stay responsive to your customers and effectively provide them with updated information and flawless support.

In today’s fast paced and transforming world, a business that shows itself invested in providing exceptional support to its customers, by making the most of the multi channel customer service, will go a long way in building long lasting relationships with its customers and successfully make its mark.