B2B Marketing Problems

What are the most Common B2B Marketing Problems?

The B2B world is in shades of grey, and while there is no single right choice, having a number of choices makes choosing the right one for you even more difficult. How do you allocate your budget? Which markets do you go after? How do you prioritize what comes next?

Marketers have never faced as many challenges as they do today, whether it is figuring out what goal they are chasing, time management or ROI (return on investment).

Here is our view of the most common problems B2B marketers are facing

1. Using Social Media to Generate Customers and Revenue

There was a time when businesses hardly knew what to do with social media and it was a toy to play with. However, nowadays companies know of business value in social media marketing. Turning social engagement into dollars is the tricky part though. Social media presence is not enough, knowing how to use social media to target, engage and nurture social following will build up leads for your business.

using social media to generate customers and revenue

2. Pinpointing the right people

Marketers need to reach, attract and engage all stakeholders in buying decisions to have a shot at success. Getting the right messages to the right people at the time becomes a major challenge. These are complex relationships with over four in five (81%) of B2B purchases involving multiple decision-makers.

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3. Keeping Up With Marketing Trends and Strategies

The last decade witnesses marketing going through a lot of transformations. From print media the marketing focus has been shifted to online media. Additionally, last decade also witnessed the decline of cold calling and direct mail. Communication with potential customers has become more efficient and effective because of new technological tools. For two-way communication and feedback collection, social media has risen as a dominant platform. How do you stay current when new technologies keep popping up, new trends emerge and different strategies are emerged?

4. Generating Awareness and Driving Traffic

You have to get the attention of your audience and get them interested in your product, service or business, before you can start generating leads for your sales team to convert into customers. Some marketers do not know that for highest returns, which channel they should focus their efforts on. Conversely, a number of marketers face the challenge of not having a large pool of interested people.

5. Increasing and Proving ROI

Marketers are held to a higher standard with the availability of advanced analytic tools. Simply doing marketing is no longer enough, in terms of leads, revenue and customers you need to able to understand the value of each of your efforts.  You need to prove that your return on investment is high enough to warrant that effort, time, and money.

What are the other common marketing problems in the world of B2B in your opinion? Share with us in the comments section below.