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Digital Transformation – Where to Start

Whatever the size of your organisation, you can always rely on digital transformation to turn the tables and change the game for your business. Every major company wants to achieve digital transformation, but it isn’t easy to acquire which is why so many businesses are looking for templates. There is nothing more frustrating than failing […]

Using Smart Technology for Smarter Customer Service

Smart technology is rapidly changing the world we live in today. From smart houses to high-tech artificially intelligent robots, the world we live in is being saturated with advanced technology that simplifies our lives today. One industry that is fully embracing artificial intelligence is customer service. Companies across many different industries are jumping on board […]

Smart Technology Around You

Smart technology is what makes up the future, where electronic device usage is concerned. What started with the smart phone, at least on the consumer level, has now progressed to smart entertainment systems, smart vehicles, and even smart industrial as well as healthcare technologies. Even the elderly care sector has benefitted to some extent, from […]

Is Your Business Implementing VR?

The Virtual Reality market has been steadily growing and is expected to grow to an industry of $US 2.16 trillion by 2035 and plenty of organisations are taking advantage of the boom, for instance, Facebook bought Oculus for this very reason. There are also endless opportunities in this sector and the organisations that move quickly […]

Digital Transformation Top 5 Tips

Making a digital transformation is not easy for any business, particularly one that has been established without much reliance on digital media. While it is possible to make the transformation happen, it requires a lot of hard work. It’s not going to happen overnight. On the other hand, digital transformations are much more than simply […]

Foolproof Marketing Strategy Tips to Increase Revenue

A vast number of e-commerce and online companies have the same goal: increase revenue and products. But what can a company do to make this goal a reality? Online marketing is a quick and easy way to increase company profits. Follow along to learn some… Marketing Strategy – Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Revenue […]