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A Guide to Excellent Conversation Management

A must-read guide for enterprises with billions of conversations and millions of customers. Enterprises are much more overwhelmed with conversations than ever before. Not only do they have to actively respond to customers over a myriad of channels like email, phone, social and livechat, they’re expected to give personal, relevant and fast responses. To tackle […]

Shopify vs WooCommerce vs Prestashop vs Magento

These are some of the best e-commerce solutions available on the market. Let’s compare Shopify, BigCommerce, Prestashop and Mangeto. Top 4 eCommerce Platform Comparison: Let’s see which one is best for which purpose. 1. Shopify Advantages: It is ideal for small projects. It is native eCommerce software. Very easy to make beautiful looking stores. You […]

Optimise Conversion Rates with Customer Analytics in Woveon

Conversion in the world of business marketing means that when a customer visits your website, they follow through and take the desired action. This desirable action could be anything depending on the services that are being provided and the course of action you want the customers to take. For example, creating an account on you […]

Lead Generation Software and Strategies

Attracting leads to your business isn’t a new concept – every firm that seeks a good B2B campaign requires one. There are literally millions of prospective customers out there – thanks in part due to the massive reach of the internet – but successfully converting them is an art that few businesses have been able […]

Best Ways to Create a Winning Customer Experience Strategy

Business nowadays needs a winning customer experience strategy to take advantage of their consumer base, and develop brand potential in their industry. Nowadays, customer experience is at an all-time, and a business is judged on their interactions with customers and business relationships with clients. The reason why it holds so much importance is because customers […]

Ultimate Lead Generation Checklist

Short of time and looking at a quick checklist to ensure you are on the right track to a successful lead generation campaign? Over the years I have consulted for several startups and also deployed lead generation techniques that work. This is our own checklist of ideas and points we follow to either brainstorm and […]

Customer Experience Management and their Importance to Businesses

Customer experience metrics provide a means of gaining access to tangible evidence of your business’s reception which gives you an idea of what steps you could take to improve the overall customer experience. Your best tool to enhance customer experience management and improve customer support is to gain a deeper understanding of what your customer […]

What Makes a Great Customer Support Team?

Sometimes perfection fails to exist at an individual level; but when individuals who are not perfect, come to work together as a team, they can create magic. For a team to succeed it does not require flawless employees with everything being perfect. It just requires a bond between workers which allows them to work together […]