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What Makes a Great Customer Support Team?

Sometimes perfection fails to exist at an individual level; but when individuals who are not perfect, come to work together as a team, they can create magic. For a team to succeed it does not require flawless employees with everything being perfect. It just requires a bond between workers which allows them to work together […]

Importance of Branding for B2B Companies

It is no secret that everything B2B companies do is to get more sales leads – we love conversions. Branding is a very misplaced concept; companies think that by spamming clients with information about their products and services, they are enhancing their brand experience. Customers however, want value proposition, they want connection. B2B branding is […]

Content Marketing – Is It Really Helpful For B2B Companies?

The number of business owners within the B2B platform participating on social media platforms is increasing day by day. B2B shows continuous growth in the areas of content marketing as seen in higher volumes of online videos, infographics and business blogs. Lead generation and increasing conversions via inbound methods comes easy to companies who realize […]

Top Platforms for B2B Content Distribution

B2B content marketing is on the rise. 2014 witnessed 58% B2B marketers increasing their content budgets, revealed the Content Marketing Institute.  Being involved with B2B content marketing for over two years now, what I have learnt is that brands with a solid distribution strategy are the winning ones. Understanding your company’s conversion funnel is the […]

Fine Tuning Customer Conversations on Social Media

We’ve been in the go to market space for over 15 years and have seen countless enterprise projects who fail to adequately engage and interact with their customers online, especially in the last 5 years over social media. Guide to Fine Tuning Customer Conversation on Social Media Here are some tips that will help you […]

Key Components of B2B eCommerce

Higher buyer expectations and technological advances are largely responsible for the rapid growth of B2B eCommerce – and this boost has been welcomed by the business sphere with open arms. Both business buyers and private consumers are flocking towards the new paradigm of eCommerce, and they in return are demanding the same options and convenience […]

How to Maximize your Lead Generation Efforts?

To many marketers, B2B lead generation is a complex labyrinth. It can be due to two reasons- firstly, people fail to comprehend that successful B2B lead generation comprises of activities that are hard to pin down and quantify, and secondly, everyone is seeking out for one that killer lead tactic that will right all wrongs.  […]

What are the most Common B2B Marketing Problems?

The B2B world is in shades of grey, and while there is no single right choice, having a number of choices makes choosing the right one for you even more difficult. How do you allocate your budget? Which markets do you go after? How do you prioritize what comes next? Marketers have never faced as […]

Ways to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Cynics do not believe in using social media as an effective lead generation tool and choose to invest their time and energy at advertising and trade shows in trade publications. However, social media, particularly LinkedIn, is an effective tool to drive traffic to your website. To attract new people to your website, using LinkedIn as […]