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Content Marketing Ideas for Your Business Website

Content marketing stands as the most efficient forms of marketing today. However, at times, the best websites get stale, with repetitive content. What can be done to remedy it? Here, we are going to talk about a few content marketing ideas that will help keep the content on your website fresh, generating more traffic. Below […]

How Can Social Media Benefit Your Startup Business

There are still sceptics out there who do not understand the advantages of social media for their business, sticking stubbornly to traditional marketing methods. However, businesses over the world have started recognising the importance of social media for their success and growth. Benefits of social media for your business that will turn even the most […]

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website for a Stronger Digital Presence

The internet has paved the way for a new economy through its sheer size and explosive growth. It has led to existing business paradigms evolving in their entirety. In today’s competitive world, it is essential for any business to have an online identity. There are numerous businesses, including small business and medium sized companies, which […]

4 Major Causes of Data Loss Faced By Businesses

All businesses are familiar with the issues of data loss. Fortunately, majority of such incidents are inconsequential, resulting in merely a few minutes of data loss or deletion of unimportant files. However, there are times in which the loss is quite critical in nature and has a substantial cost. As businesses rely heavily on data […]

Five Companies Who Have Lost thousands of Customer Payments

Large conglomerates are not immune to sophisticated cybercriminals who can find ‘loopholes’ and ‘vulnerabilities’ in a company’s cybersecurity defense systems to exploit customer payments. We normally assume that the corporate world with its enterprise software solutions and high-security firewalls are on standby 24×7. However cyber crime does not choose depending on the size of your business […]

Handy Tips for Compiling a Lead Generation Strategy Using Woveon

With the lead generation techniques which keep emerging in the corporate world, companies, businesses and organizations across the globe are using new and improved techniques for their promotion and to increase their sales. Businesses tend to try their hand at new strategies to find out which one works best to increase the profit and revenue […]

Top 10 Incredibly Busy Customer Service Teams

A customer service team which values its customers usually correlates to successful and profitable businesses. Companies such as Amazon, Zappos and Dollar Shave club immediately come to mind. And while the task is not easy by any stretch of the imagination, there are some customer service teams which pride themselves on their ability to churn […]

Using Smart Technology to Move Customers Down the Funnel

The success of any business, irrespective of what industry or market it belongs to, is measured by how they treat their customers, and smart technology helps make a difference. The products or services you offer are irrelevant when it comes to moving customers down the funnel. The ability to attract customers to your business holds […]

10 Customer Experience Trends to Learn From

Customer experience has always been a complex topic because of technology’s accelerated growth. The myriad of channels through which your business can serve the query of a grievous customer has evolved beyond the simple phone call into an interwoven network of phone call centers, social media management, chatting and emailing. The customer is now used […]

Consequences of Ineffective Management of Blended Channels

Better Customer Experience = More Business The management of blended channels can sometimes become the Achilles’ heel for many businesses. Instead of providing them with good returns, bad management of blended channels will result in soured customer service and experience. It has been estimated that bad customer experience is costing $120 Billion dollars to Australian businesses […]