Lessons CIOs Can Learn from Great Transformation Projects

Are you part of a group of senior managers who think that the competitiveness of their organisation will be compromised if they adopt digitalisation? The CIO is the Chief Information Officer in an organisation and is a crucial part of management since (s)he oversees handling all the information of the company. It’s imperative that this person be open to learning because most businesses today are facing problems in their day-to-day business operations because they are hesitant to adopt digital trends.

They don’t see digital transformation as something that is revolutionary, which is the wrong attitude to have because it is well know that digital transformation can take businesses to the next level. However, to ensure success for the business, digital transformation projects need to be handled properly and that is why the role of the CIO is so important. Let’s learn more about the role of the CIO in driving digital transformation to give you a better idea.

The role the CIO plays in Digital Transformation


As the person in charge of handling all the important operations of the business, it is your duty to ensure that the organisation is adopting the best technology. You will be the person who must take charge of handling the digital distribution within the business, and this is where adopting digital technology can help you out. As the person in charge of handling and distributing information, you need to ensure that you are delivering accurate and timely information to all the decision makers in the organisation.

This means that you will need to look at the existing infrastructure in place in your organisation and take charge of the day-to-day business practices that take place in the organisation. If you don’t go ahead with digital transformation, you will be relying on the skills of the team around you, and that is prone to errors. All CIOs must make informed decisions, which is why we are going to be sharing the lessons CIOs can learn from great transformation projects.

All about Value

IT departments of businesses are now considered a necessity. It is crucial to the business, and isn’t considered as an additional cost, because technology plays such a massive role in the way businesses operate today. The value that great transformation projects will add to a business in terms of technological advancement and superiority is unmatched. See how QIC delivered value https://which-50.com/digital-transformation-improves-property-asset-values-qic/

Better security delivered

As a CIO, you need to ensure complete protection of all information related to your business, but that has become harder over time due to technological advancements falling into the wrong hands. Hackers have major corporations at their mercy, when they hack into their data centres, but on the other hand, great transformation projects ensure that security breaches are less common.

The security of your data centre shouldn’t take a back seat, and most CIOs have realised that great digital transformation projects can help protect valuable information and save the business embarrassment. Find out how security can deliver innovation in your digital transformation project: http://www.information-age.com/6-security-innovation-digital-transformation-123465842/

Digital is a Mindset

Digital transformation projects revolve around taking advantage of cutting-edge digital technologies, which means that they are more than just tools. Incorporating conventional digital technology to your business operations will take it to the next level and help your organisation become a leader in the digital world. It will give you an edge over your competition and ensure that you set trends that everyone in your industry follows.

CIOs have learnt from great transformation projects that the main stumbling block for digital transformation is the culture of the organisation. Therefore, CIOs must make efforts to incorporate digital technology, so that everyone appreciates and adopts it. If you want digital transformation to be successful, you need to focus on making it about a cultural change, and educate your employees about the benefits of this transformation.

Investing in your employees holds the key

There can be no doubt about the fact that if you want to achieve digital marketing success, you need to implement digital transformation in your organization. This is where CIOs need to take the lead and make sure that they invest in their employees to improve their IT skills. Organisations that lack in IT skills are going to be left behind because the rest of the world is adopting digitalisation, and if you want to become an IT leader in your industry, you need to find the resources and the skills.

Advancement in technology will only expand in the coming years, and the only way any business is going to achieve success in this climate is if they invest in their employees.

Talent in technology is not found easily in the industry, and CIOs know that they will be better served by investing in their own employees. This is a lesson that every CIO should adopt because it is going to pay dividends for years to come, and will ensure success for your organisation.

Employees that are trained and educated about the latest technology will be able to adapt it and lead great transformation projects. Learn how Adobe invested in its employees to achieve their digital transformation goals faster https://blogs.adobe.com/digitalmarketing/customer-experience/digital-transformation-invest-people-get-faster/