Art of Killing Digital Advertising

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Like much of the business world, advertising has had major changes in the last 10 years. We have gone from word of mouth to paper to television, and now we are in the digital age. Digital advertising is a fairly new way for companies to reach new and returning customers. It is much more efficient because you can target your clients easier. Digital marketing isn’t just a walk in the park, however. Stick around to learn how to exceed in your next digital advertising campaign.

The Importance of Digital Advertising

Now that digital advertising is a $83 billion a year industry, it has never been more important. This year alone, the industry is expected to grow almost 16%. Within this huge industry two main companies control the business. Google and Facebook together own 57% of the whole industry. Yahoo is the next biggest in the industry but with a mere 2.3% market share.

Digital vs. Traditional Advertising

In this new technological age advertising has gone through some major changes. With digital advertising giants like Facebook and Google, companies can target customers that are already interested in their products. For example, if I were to Google search for new computers, Google would know that I am interested in tech-related ads, and then tech companies ads would suddenly appear. This is not random, but individuals are targeted based on their past searches. This is what makes digital advertising so much cheaper than traditional advertising where companies would send out information to the masses and hope that the right people would see it. For more on strategies of online marketing, take a look at 7 Strategies to Maximize Website Visits.

Digital Advertising Timing

Digital Advertising Timing

If you are looking to get the most out of your digital advertising campaigns, timing is everything. When your company pushes out content, you should be aware of the amount of user activity that tends to happen. If a company has clients around the world, be aware of time zone differences so that you can push the same ad at different times to maintain high ad viewership.  


Along with digital advertising, customer analytics is now of huge importance when it comes to advertising. Customer analytics are pieces of data that companies can track based off online interactions between customers, ads, and your website. These bits of data can be average session duration, click conversion rates, basic customer demographics, and even as simple as page views. These can all be tracked so you can better target your digital ads to customers that are more loyal or interested. A detailed analysis of the analytics every company should be looking at can be found here: 5 Customer Analytics You Should Be Measuring

Types of Digital Advertising

Digital Ads types-digital advertising-internet marketing-cmo-customer success

When it comes to digital advertising, there are multiple routes a company can take. Right now videos are an extremely popular way of online advertising. In fact, users are 39% more likely to interact with an ad if it includes a video rather than text. This is because your brain processes video 60,000 times faster than reading text. Yes, 60,000 times. Another form of digital advertising is directly sharing articles. Once again the human brain is much more interested in seeing visuals, and that is why articles shared with pictures tend to have twice the number of page views. Lastly, when posting material such as blogs or advertisements, SEO or search engine optimization is extremely important. This is simply using keywords to move your material farther up on the search engine list. To read more on SEO and how to get more website views, check out 7 Online Marketing Strategies to Maximize Website Visits.

Use Different Channels

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When it comes to digital advertising, it is important to get your information out on as many channels as possible. Channels are simply different ways you can communicate with your customers. These include articles, email, webinars, social media, TV ads and more. When it comes to digital advertising, once again Facebook and Google are the way to go.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising, although a relatively new field, is changing the way in which businesses communicate with customers. It generates over $83 billion a year and two tech giants, Facebook and Google, own an impressive 57% of the market. Because customers are using the search engines and social media, it is easy to track their likes and dislikes online. This makes it cheap and easy to target your customers or likely customers more directly. So if you’re going to be embarking on a new marketing campaign think about taking to the web and trying out digital advertising!