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The Secret Sauce for a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re a billion dollar company with a million different customers to your name or a small firm still in its cradle catering to only a handful of people, you need a proper digital marketing strategy in place to lure customers and ensure that they stay on your website for longer than a few brief seconds.

Digital Marketing Strategy Ideas for 2019

1. Customer Segmentation

Businesses that fail to properly divide their customer base into proper segments fail in the long run. For instance, a toy will attract little kids while an electronic gadget will lure in older teenagers. If your company focuses only on marketing to the little ones, the teenagers and any adults will simply migrate over to your immediate competition. Your business suffers the loss of an important demographic simply because it failed to segment its customer base into identifiable groups each of which has unique requirements. One size doesn’t fit all. Learn to reach your most profitable customers first.

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You will need proper advertisement campaigns focusing on both kinds of customers. It doesn’t really matter if your business does indeed sell to both of them. For instance, if you only advertise to little kids, you can’t expect teenagers to know of the brand new gaming console you’re selling by magically landing on your website. You can’t expect the kids’ parents to give your toys any importance either. You need to achieve a balance.

2. The Proper Use of Social Media

The entire world is using social media in one form or another. Whether it is the hulking social media giant that is Facebook or the front page of the internet, also known as Reddit, social media is a powerful tool, the effective use of which can propel your business to unprecedented levels of success.

social media

With television and newspapers, you only have a limited reach. Advertising on them will expose your business to a few thousand prospective customers who won’t even bother to read your ad. But advertising on Facebook has the ability to reach more than a billion users. Devise a proper social media strategy now!

3. Nail down those KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

KPIs are hands down the most effective means for you to gain insights into your customer base. Every website has access to this analytic, but most managers don’t place much importance to them and conduct their business like a headless chicken – no strategy, directionless and all over the place. Effectively tapping into KPIs will help you measure your sales growth and the working capital in your firm.

Customers are able to generate tons of useful data, all of which has been derived straight from your business. You should learn to surround yourself with these beautiful numbers which can help your business change for the better. It is equally important to not let big numbers delude you into thinking that your business will necessarily succeed. Sometimes numbers serve to merely comfort us without really providing useful insight. Each business has its own set of useful KPIs, identifying the useful ones from the relatively useless ones requires time and patience on your end.

4. Create Useful Content

Creating relevant content for your business is the most effective way of promoting your business by increasing your online ranking and encouraging more conversions. In fact, 72% of marketers believe that content was their most effective SEO tactic! You need a select choice of wording for your ad campaigns. These words aren’t just selected based on your whims and desires, but by gaining insights into your customer base through the use of KPIs.

The internet, as we know it, thrives on content creation. Websites such as YouTube and Vimeo won’t really exist if the content on them was lackluster. There are professional content creators available to do the job for your business if you don’t have the time or skills to do the heavy lifting. The more often you publish good content, the higher would be your website’s ranking, which means the likelihood of people clicking on it increases. It’s a vicious (but good vicious) circle that drives up sales exponentially and doesn’t keep your business in the lurch for too long.

5. Build a Great Website

An attractive website is a difference between successful conversions and failed ones. A boring colour palette and cluttered designs that resemble the early era of the Internet will put off even the most adamant of customers from using your business. There are literally millions of beautiful, free website templates to choose from which means you really don’t have an excuse to support your business with a dull looking website. Statistically speaking, 38% of people leave your website altogether if they find it too dull!