proven sales strategy

Proven Sales Strategies

The ease to launch an online store has significantly increased the number of businesses competing against each other online. Having a winning sales strategy is extremely important for businesses wanting to boost sales and achieve customer success. To smooth out the bumps and make revenues incredibly predictable, you need to have a strategic plan to increase sales. Even a slight increase in sales will allow you to experience downstream benefits. So, having the right sales strategy in place is crucial. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend excessive amounts of money to increase your sales and grow your business. There are some affordable yet effective sales strategies that you can use to trigger increased sales and business growth.

Below are Proven Sales Strategies to Increase Sales

1. Offer A Single Product or Service on Your Home Page

Do you sell countless products or services on your website? If yes, then it’s recommended that you revisit this sales strategy of yours. According to the experts, the fewer products you have in one place, the more likely you are to make a sale. Though, it’s crucial that you use the additional space available to you to describe the products in more detail. Kissmetrics outlines this situation perfectly in their article “Are you losing sales by giving customers too many choices”.

The aforementioned- strategy is all about focus. Rather than offering a large range of products with little detail about each product to please every visitor to your site, you choose to offer one product with more detail about it to remove the doubts of your most valuable visitors and convince them to buy your product. Now, this does not mean that you stop selling your other products. You can always use follow up offers or the other web pages to offer them to your customers. However, to be 100% sure that this strategy will work with your target audience, you need to test it. Only after testing will you know whether offering a single product or service on your home page is an effective sales strategy.

2. Use AD Extensions to Get More Clicks

Ad-extension is a no-brainer if you’re selling stuff online. Available in both Bing and AdWords, this feature ‘extends’ your ad and give people more options to click. Without costing you anything extra, ad-extension increases the click-through rate of your ad. Isn’t that amazing? Following is an example that’ll help you understand this better.

google ad extension

In the aforementioned-example, people looking to buy a new pair of Ray-Ban have two places other than the main link to click on. The two-additional links are ‘Men’s sunglasses’ and ‘Women’s sunglasses’. By saving them a step, the additional links make it faster and easier for potential customers to find exactly what they want. This in turn prevents them from going to a competitor’s site. In the end, this increases your chances of making a successful sale, making the use of ad -extensions one of the best sales strategies.

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3. Offer A Personalized Experience

By offering a personalized experienced to your prospects or visitors to your site, you will increase your chances of making a sale. Today, more and more customers, especially online customers, are demanding personalized, one-of-a-kind experiences that cater to their needs and interests. Thanks to technological advancement, even the smaller players can create a personalized shopping experience that helps them to capture the interest and preferences of the individual shoppers. By leveraging individualized promotions and user experiences, you can increase your sales. Unsure how to do this? Shopify provides examples of how this can be done

4. Bundle Your Products and Services

A sales strategy that many businesses have used to considerable success is selling products and services as a package rather than individual offerings. Most people equate bundled services or products with savings, even if the savings are minimal.  So, by offering your services or products as a package, you will make it easier for yourself to sell. Now, when you package your services and/or products, make sure your bundle offerings are flexible.

A potential customer may not buy a bundle you’re offering if he or she feels that only two of the five services/products offered in the bundle apply to his or her business. You will be able to use this sales strategy successfully if you stay flexible enough to change different products or services to align with multiple needs.

5. Build the Right Relationships

In the business world, who you know is more important than what you know. If you want to taste success then you must build the right relationships, both online and offline. Regardless of which industry you belong to or what type of product you sell, you will find like-minded businesses out there and these businesses are who you need to befriend.

build the right relationships with businesses and customers

Build a relationship with businesses that are closely aligned to you but aren’t your direct competitors.  Some examples are bloggers, suppliers, industry experts. By building relationships with the above, you will get the word out about your business and this will increase your chances of making successful sales.