Social media and content sharing benefit for your startup business

How Can Social Media Benefit Your Startup Business

There are still sceptics out there who do not understand the advantages of social media for their business, sticking stubbornly to traditional marketing methods. However, businesses over the world have started recognising the importance of social media for their success and growth.

Benefits of social media for your business that will turn even the most hardened of cynics into believers

1. Learn about your Audience

The key to success for any business in the industry is understanding their target audience. Social media helps you do just that. With the help of tools like Facebook Insights in Hootsuite, it is possible to determine the age and gender of the social media audience, in addition to a number of other insights. Business can cater campaigns and product offers to their target audience using this knowledge, ultimately leading to a higher return on investment.

learn about your target audience friends using smartphones

2. Instant Feedback

Social media allows the customers to provide feedback – positive or negative – giving the business valuable insight on how customers perceive the business and its offerings. For instance, many companies launch new products on social media to gauge how well it is received by their audience. One can also glean insights on how customers’ needs are evolving with regards to their offerings, allowing them to cater to their products and services better to customers’ tastes, preferences, and needs. New product ideas can also stem from this insight.

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3. Increase in Web Traffic and Search Ranking

One of the most important benefits of using social media for a business is the increase in web traffic. It helps direct people to the business’s website. Moreover, the higher the number of shares of a business’ posts on social media, the greater its search ranking and online exposure. Use keywords in your post title and subheadings for good results in search media optimisation.

4. Increasing Brand Awareness

Companies have managed to increase brand awareness with the help of social media with minimal or no budget. Traditional methods of advertising were associated with higher cost of brand awareness strategies. Marketing departments across countries are hiring community mangers now in an attempt to increase brand awareness and reach through social media. These community managers foster relationships with the online audience scattered in different locations.

5. Viral Content

Social media has made sharing content easier and faster. Companies now use social media for content curation or sharing content about their business in particular. All they do is share their brand on their social network accounts. However, companies should keep in mind that if they want customers to share your content with their followers, they need to ensure that their social media content is aligned to the brand and captures the attention of the audience.

6. Get Ahead of Your Competitor

Social media help businesses gain valuable information about their competitors, improving your market intelligence. This information will allow companies to stay ahead of their competitors by making strategic business decisions. For instance, through Hootsuite, businesses can create search streams to monitor their competitors. Based on the results they can offer a new product which their competitors are missing, thus improving their business.

There you go- some of the many benefits of using social media for business disclosed.