building customer trust

What are the Importance of Customer Trust and Ways to Maintain It?

Whether your business has just been launched or has been successfully working for a while, long term success is highly dependable on customer’s trust. The increase or decrease of customer’s trust on your business can have a major impact on the profit and loss of your company. This is the reason why it is important to build the trust of your customers and maintain it.  

Here are some effective ways of building and maintaining the Customer Trust

1. Enhancing the Purchasing Process

The best way to make your customers happy is to make the purchasing process as easy and smooth as possible. When the customer buys a product from you and faces no issues throughout the process, from placing the order to having it delivered at their home, then he/she is bound to return. The happier the customer is with the entire purchasing process, the higher the chances of them trusting you with their future orders as well because they have started trusting you based on their initial smooth purchasing experience.  

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According to our experience, 85% customers say if they receive an outstanding customer service then they are willing to pay more for the products.

2. Communicating with Customers

The best way to maintain the trust of your customers is to communicate with them on regular basis. To do so, interaction through social media is your best bet. Whether the customer wants to know about your products or services or leave a feedback on your social media page, always reply promptly. Aside from this, post regular updates about your company and your products so that customers stay updated. All the posts, comments, and messages must be done in a friendly, welcoming, and professional manner. If your response is impolite, rude, or in any way unwelcoming, you are bound to lose the trust and even the respect of potential customers. Ensure that the tone is warm, friendly, and helpful so that the potential customers start trusting you and the trust of your existing customer base is maintained.

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3. Improving Customer Services

Customer services offered by your business must be strong. When a customer calls with a problem or an issue, the top priority must be to enhance the customer’s satisfaction and experience. It is essential to make the customer feel important. Ensure that all your customer care employees are trained to warmly welcome the customers, help them out in any way possible; making sure that the customer is satisfied in the end. Another important thing is to get their feedback and also check back to ensure that the problem has really been resolved. Ask them to rate the service they had just received as this will make them feel their opinion and feedback is valuable to your company.

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First impressions really do last forever. According to a survey, 24% of customers continue to seek services from the same vendor for two or more years if they had a great first experience with them while 39% customers avoid seeking services from vendors after a bad first experience.

4. Never Promise What Can’t Be Delivered

This is one of the most common mistakes many businesses make. Many sales professionals feel it is wrong to say no to a customer for anything, which is why they assure them that they will receive their product/solve their problem in a specific timeframe, when in reality, it isn’t possible to meet that deadline. It is of utmost importance that you don’t lie, exaggerate, or make false promises to your customers – it is a sure-fire way of losing trust and ruining your company’s credibility.  

There are numerous ways of enhancing your sales but it is important to make sure that adapting those ways doesn’t lose the trust of your customers in your business. Coming up with more ways to building more trust in your customers and working hard to maintain it is the most effective way you can lead your company towards success.