Are You Ticking Off These Essentials in Your Marketing Strategy?

Is your company including the essential parts of a marketing strategy? Do you know what to include? Chances are you’re missing some important parts that could help boost your business. Your marketing strategy is your business’s plan to gain new customers and to keep in contact with existing customers. This is essential when growing your small business. Summarized below are the most important bits of information that your business should be adding and targeting. If you are looking for different marketing templates, check out 8 Marketing Plan Templates to Blow Your Competitors Out of the Water.

Marketing Plan Essentials That You Should be Including

1. Identify your Goals

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Identifying your goals when embarking on your marketing strategy is the most important part of the marketing strategy. Your goals are what you want to accomplish by performing this plan. These goals should be things that you can realistically accomplish with the budget and time frame you are giving yourself. You can look at what your company needs and then tailor your strategy to better accomplish this. For example, if you are trying to target a younger demographic, try using a more digital advertising campaign over social media. Your goals will evolve throughout the process, and that is just fine! It is important however, to strive toward the same area of growth or target the same people. This way, when you analyze your marketing strategy afterward, you can find out if it was successful or not.

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2. Produce Content

In a world obsessed with technology and the Internet, content marketing and just producing content in general are becoming necessities. Your content should be over a wide range of topics to get as many people reading as possible. Your content should also be split up into the Viral, Discover, Consider, and Customer categories I have talked about in previous blogs.

Content is what drives people to your site and is often overlooked when it comes to building your business and getting traffic to your website. Remember, content is essential when embarking on your marketing strategy!

3. Distribute Content

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After producing this content, you will have to distribute it. It is a good idea to distribute your content on multiple customer channels. At this point in your marketing strategy, you will have already figured out who you are mostly targeting. You can now look to different channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and your company website. If you are targeting a younger crowd, maybe look towards Facebook. With such advancements in digital advertising, you can directly reach your target market when they search for topics related to your product or company.

4. Analytics

Throughout your marketing strategy you should be analyzing your progress. Google Analytics is a great tool you can use to understand all the incoming data. Google Analytics will provide you details such as average session duration, where the traffic is coming from the most, the demographics of the traffic, and even repeat customers vs. new customers. You can then take this data and see if you are on track to achieve your goal. It will also tell you if your target market is interacting with the content you have produced.

5. Ensure Brand Strength

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Think of Nike, Apple, Google, BMW, or Lufthansa. These companies all have one thing in common: fantastic brand strength. They are the forerunners in the industries they compete in and have incredible customer loyalty. When a smaller company is trying to increase its brand strength, it is important to show consistency. This will prove to your customers what you stand for and over time will increase brand loyalty. It is also best to put your brand out as much as possible. Place your logo on all products, in your social media, and anywhere possible. This increases brand awareness and will, in turn, help promote your products.

6. Marketing Strategy Analysis

After exercising your marketing strategy, it is important to analyze your whole process. Start with your goals. Did they stay the same? Did you accomplish them? What data points are you measuring to define success? This should have been stated beforehand. Get your marketing team together and do a quick rundown to see what went well and what could be improved for next time. Your marketing strategy can be remade and remastered to better fit your future goals, but you always need the same basics to get started.

CTA marketing strategy template

Foolproof Marketing Strategy Tips to Increase Revenue

A vast number of e-commerce and online companies have the same goal: increase revenue and products. But what can a company do to make this goal a reality? Online marketing is a quick and easy way to increase company profits.

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Follow along to learn some…

Here are 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Revenue

1. Focus on Existing Customers

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Existing customers are 60-70% more likely to buy your products than new customers at a mere 5-20%. Existing customers also spend on average 31% more and are 50% more likely to buy new products than new customers, Nichole Kelly, the CEO of SME Digital, writes.

For many companies, connecting with their existing customers is a natural fit for social media. These companies are seeing conversations about their brands, their competitors and their industry that provide them with an opportunity to engage others in dialogue.

There are two types of strategies that revolve around existing customers on the social media channel. The first is to offer customer service help through the social channel. We’ve seen excellent examples of this with Comcast and Boingo, which have successfully addressed customer concerns through social media.

This builds customer relationships, which strengthens customer loyalty. Why not focus on the ones who generate the most revenue for your company?

2. Increase Revenue Through Targeted Advertising

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Targeted advertising is becoming easier as more information about individuals is available online. In Mike Juba’s article, Online Marketing Strategies to Increase Online Revenue, he says, “The more targeted traffic you can get without having to pay for advertising or PPC, the more revenue you will see along with better margins. Therein lies the question: How do I get more targeted traffic to my website?”

“You need to be going over the keywords, and all of their relevant long-tails, that convert best for your website. This means naturally placing, but not stuffing, keywords in your content on relevant pages in optimal places, correctly doing internal linking, improving user experience (UX), split testing, and optimizing your tags.”

He then goes on to describe the importance of SEO and that specific keywords don’t just come from the larger content you write. You should not only be producing large sums of content on a variety of different topics to get the most people interested as possible, but you should also go and comment on similar articles. If you are able to build relationships with other content writers, you can feature each other to get more and more traffic to your website.

3. Marketing via Social Media

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Marketing over social media is a great way to increase company revenues. Social media is a cheap and easy way to reach your customers. Many companies limit themselves to just Facebook or Twitter, but they would be so much better off expanding to Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and other social media.

However, in order to keep track of all these different channels, you will need some help. If you market over social media, you will need a customer service team that is capable of handling all the different channels you customers will talk to you. Woveon is an intelligent customer service software that allows companies with fewer resources to have customer service like any big enterprise.

4. Promotions, Giveaways, Discounts

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Who doesn’t get excited about a great discount, or even giveaways?! TMR Direct’s article on increasing revenue by internet marketing suggests that promotions energize your customers more than anything. With social media, it is once again easy to hold contests and get your loyal customers excited about new deals or potential giveaways. These giveaways, promotions, or discounts on your social media page increase popularity and will get more shares than previous posts. This drives more traffic and increases customer awareness. You already offer discounts, why not energize your customers and gain more money along the way?

5. Boosting Revenue Through Marketing

Online marketing is a great way to boost revenue. There are many tips and tricks out there, but focusing on existing customers is a great place to start. They are 6 times cheaper to maintain and easier to contact. This contact is often through social media and emails. Companies can host promotions or even giveaways that excite the existing customers, who then share it with new people. Lastly, targeting the right group has never been easier over social media. Search patterns, Facebook interests, and types of YouTube channels you watch all allow companies to better target you as a customer, saving them lots of money.

So before kicking off your next marketing campaign, look back at these easy steps to increase revenue!

CTA marketing strategy template