Handy Tips for Compiling a Lead Generation Strategy Using Woveon

With the lead generation techniques which keep emerging in the corporate world, companies, businesses and organizations across the globe are using new and improved techniques for their promotion and to increase their sales. Businesses tend to try their hand at new strategies to find out which one works best to increase the profit and revenue which is being generated. The importance of digital channels for businesses in today’s day and age cannot be ignored.

Businesses and companies throughout the world are increasingly making use of new and improved digital channels for lead generation and marketing with the intention of promoting a product or service so that potential customers are convinced about purchasing what was being promoted.

While digital channels do come in handy for most businesses, it is often seen that customers are confused due to the amount of information that is available–online and otherwise—making it extremely difficult for a business to come out on top. This is where Woveon comes into the picture. One of the leading customer service platforms, Woveon focuses on everything that’s important to retain customers and keep them coming back for more.

The platform helps prioritize inquiries which are received from customers, along with identifying those customers who are valuable and likely to be retained and come back for future transactions. Since all businesses and companies throughout the world are also focusing on personalization these days, the platform can be used to personalize messages and responses for customers to ensure that they remain loyal.

Here are 7 Handy Tips for Compiling a Lead Generation Strategy using Woveon

1. Target the right customers with machine learning and artificial intelligence

While most companies in Australia and throughout the world resort to manual trial and error techniques to target the right audiences and markets, Woveon takes things a notch further. Using advanced programs for machine learning and artificial intelligence, Woveon is guaranteed to make your lead generation strategy successful by identifying customers who are valuable. This feature does not only allow you to leverage on the latest breakthroughs in the world of information technology for your advantage but also eases the lead generation process to a great extent.

2. Tailor your business solutions according to your requirements

Don’t like the way things have been going for your business? Think your business has more potential? Need to revamp a few lead generation processes and activities to boost sales? Woveon has got you covered.

As one of the most elaborate and comprehensive tools, Woveon allows you to tweak your lead generation process as much as you like. This means that whether you are interested in modifying things a bit to make them more suited to the requirements of the business, or even if you wish to customize a process or two according to your own liking, Woveon allows it all!

3. Create a centralized strategy

Woveon is not only extremely easy to use, but it also offers a centralized solution to ensure that you always have access to a holistic view of your processes and can see how well your lead generation strategy is performing. The tool, therefore, allows users to create and manage several different customer channels including social media and use them effectively to boost profits.

4. Prioritize

Every business owner knows the importance of prioritization. As harsh as it may sound, the fact of the matter is that no two customers are the same, and not all customer requests are prioritized the same way. More often than not, companies and businesses prioritize the inquiries, responses, and requests based on how important or relevant they are. With Woveon, you, too, can prioritize based on your own metrics and factors and ensure that you always provide your customers with service which they keep coming back for.

5. Engage

Engaging with customers—both current and potential ones—is something that cannot be overemphasized. With up to seventy-nine percent of Australians being active on social media, it only makes sense for customer engagement to be a major part of all lead generation strategies. Through social listening, Woveon cannot only identify which customers are valuable but also use analytics to provide accurate information regarding customer engagement.

6. Personalize

Another great benefit of the machine learning feature of Woveon is that it can be used in lead generation strategies to ensure that customers are being provided with personalized content based on their preferences and at times when they are likely to be active.

7. Provide unmatched customer service

Gone are the days when you needed scores of customer representatives to address questions and queries of your customers only to find out that they are unhappy with the customer service being provided. With Woveon, you can reach out to your consumers without a hassle and build a promising customer base. The features of the tool do not only make your lead generation strategies more efficient by identifying valuable customers beforehand, but the tool also allows you to boost your online presence and find new customers with ease.

Use these seven tips and tricks for your next lead generation strategy and boost your sales like never before!

Top 10 Incredibly Busy Customer Service Teams

A customer service team which values its customers usually correlates to successful and profitable businesses. Companies such as Amazon, Zappos and Dollar Shave club immediately come to mind. And while the task is not easy by any stretch of the imagination, there are some customer service teams which pride themselves on their ability to churn out brilliance despite being kept on their toes by picky and hard-to-please customers. With internet customer service growing rapidly, managing all the various facets of customer service can indeed be a hassle. Despite the complexities present, there are a few organizations which have risen up to the challenge and have catapulted over all hurdles to provide exemplary customer satisfaction. Here we take a look at some of the busiest and world class customer service teams during the last couple of years.

10 Companies with Incredible Customer Service Teams

1. Amazon

Amazon boasts of a customer service team extended over numerous channels. It is indeed their ability to provide immeasurable assistance to customers throughout their buying process, which ranks them as one of the best customer service teams.

amazon company with incredible customer service team


With a refund policy that exudes perfection and a transparent shipment process, Amazon is one of the few organizations that value customer satisfaction as a primary goal moving into the future. With their recent stand against incentivized reviews, Amazon is currently a darling among customers of all kinds looking for genuine products. Their emphasis on customer service has resulted in consistent growth in revenues and reputation.

2. Spotify

Webby Awards have been known to honour organizations which provide ‘excellence on the web’. For the last two years, there has been one specific company which has stolen the show. With the best customer service award from Webby under their belt, Spotify has proved to be revolutionary in the way it handles its internet customer service.


spotify one of the companies with incredible customer service team

Customers have not shied away from posting their admiration of SpotifyCares, which is a separate customer support team from the music giant. With such brilliant customer service, Spotify has indeed built a reputation – a reputation which will reap fruits in numerous sales opportunities down the line.

3. Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs believed that success was guaranteed if the start is made from focusing on customer experience. Whatever product you market, make sure that you do not compromise on the experience of the end consumer. By providing customer service which has perfection written over it, Apple has inspired unbelievable loyalty to its brand.

The employees at all of their workshops have a positive attitude and discuss product details with customers more like fans of Apple than employees of the company. Not only is the after sales service engaging, but the internet customer service provided by Apple is well above par.

4. Dollar Shave Club

What makes a recent start-up rank among the organizations offering the best customer service? Just recently Unilever acquired Dollar Shave Club for $1 Billion. Dollar Shave Club does offer great products, but it is their brilliant customer service which attracted the likes of Uniliver. They boast of funny and playful ads which captivate user interest in a single beat. With their ads and customer service campaign, Dollar Shave Club has achieved customer loyalty no one would have expected.

dollar shave club brand logo - company with incredible customer service team


5. Zappos

A service company, with the motto of selling ‘ shoes and lot more,’ Zappos has put the needs of its customers above anything else. The Zappos team has on numerous occasions displayed proficiency in caring for all their customers irrespective of how little or big their problem. With Zappos well on its way to establishing a brand that will last for a long time, the customer service team deserves all the credit for this meteoric rise.

6. Nordstorm

Much like Zappos, Nordstorm is also well known for a few occasions when their customer service team went out of the box to think up creative ideas. With growth on the cards, their customer service team has a very important role to play in the future.

7. Samsung

Samsung, the tech giant must be appreciated for improving its once-flawed customer services. By investing in its team and realizing the benefits of customer service, Samsung is on the right track.

8. Google

One sure thing about Google is that it goes to borderline insane levels to check every single feature of its products before they are implemented. Their success cannot be doubted, considering their special emphasis on users and their preferences.


The air freight company has displayed perfection in maintaining its reputation of taking care of all packages and instruments. From regular packages to a 320-pound sea turtle, FED EX has always made sure to surpass customer expectations.

10. Trader Joe’s

They do not boast of the most comprehensive range of products, but this retail’s emphasis on providing just what the local community wants, placing them on top of the ladder for customer services. Trader Joe’s started with a limited amount of products and stock levels, but eventually they started catering to what the people living in the local community wanted. By placing customer needs on top Trader Joe’s has certainly set a brilliant benchmark.


traders joe - one of the company with an amazing customer service team

Brilliant customer service teams do not compromise on customer experience. For them, nothing comes in between delivering the perfect product or service to the customer.

Using Smart Technology to Move Customers Down the Funnel

The success of any business, irrespective of what industry or market it belongs to, is measured by how they treat their customers, and smart technology helps make a difference. The products or services you offer are irrelevant when it comes to moving customers down the funnel. The ability to attract customers to your business holds the key, and you will only be able to do that if you treat them as valuable assets to your business.

Wondering how to measure the worth of customers for any business? The customers provide the company with direction and purpose, as they supply valuable feedback, which is used as a springboard for new ideas and concepts. Customers hold all the keys to success since they are the ones who bring in the revenue for the business.

That is why businesses today are focusing more on offering exceptional customer satisfaction because if the business appreciates the customer, it will result in better conversions. Most businesses struggle with moving customers down the funnel, which means turning website traffic into solid leads and sales. However, smart technology has helped make a difference as it allows businesses to understand their customers to identify gaps in the buying process much faster.

Ways to Create a Customer Experience Strategy

Why do you Need to Understand your Customers?

Before we move on to discuss the benefits of using smart technology to move customers down the funnel, we must look at why you need to understand your customers. It is important that as a business you cultivate a relationship with your customer since it will determine the success of your company. This can only happen if you know your customer, and this is where smart technology has made things so much easier for businesses.

It has made it easier for businesses to acquire data about their customers, which helps them better understand the likes, dislikes, and needs of their customers. The importance of customer data can’t be understated, which is why it is important to keep accurate records of all customer transactions. This will help the business keep a flourishing relationship with customers, and will profit both partners.

The Benefits

So how does smart technology assist in helping businesses move customers down the funnel? This all comes down to the collection of customer data, which is where smart technology has helped businesses in improving customer satisfaction. We will cover all the benefits that it offers in detail below, along with helping you identify the key points that will help your company achieve success.

1. Improved analytical data and reporting

Miscalculated data can demolish your chances of success, which is where smart technology helps. There are different CRM tools and systems available, which help store information about all customers, and leads to enhanced data analytics. The best part about these tools is that they can be integrated easily, and can generate automatic reports, which helps save time. With improved data reporting, any business can make effective and resourceful decisions to achieve greater customer loyalty.

customer relationship management data analysis and reporting

2. Heightened informational processes

The key to success for any business trying to move customers down the funnel is knowing their customers. The better a business knows their customer, the easier it will be for them to provide them with an experience that results in conversions. This means that the business must record, document, or identify all customer data for future reference, and thanks to smart technology all of this is possible. Having access to customer data always plays a crucial role in helping move them down the funnel.

3. Increased efficiency for teams

Smart technology allows you to easily access stored information about customers, which can be shared with multiple teams across the business. This improves efficiency for all departments, mainly sales, customer service, and marketing, and helps them funnel customers down the pipeline to close sales. All departments can share information with each other, which ensures that the organization improves its operations and boosts the bottom line.

4. Improved communications

As discussed above, smart technology helps all departments in the organization to function at the same high level of service, as they all have access to customer data. This helps the entire business to stay on track and improve their daily functions, resulting in more client retention. The happier clients the clients are, the better the chances of the business moving customers down the funnel.

5. Automating tasks

Completing sales are never easy, and isn’t the same thing as getting a customer to commit. There are lots of things that go under the radar of every sale, which needs to be completed in the proper order for the sale to be completed. This includes forms being filled out, addressing legal issues, and sending reports to different departments. All of this takes time, and involves a lot of people down the chain, which is where mistakes can be made. Smart technology takes that out of the equation, by ensuring that all these tasks are automated. This helps your representatives to deal with closing leads, and moving customers down the funnel faster, while smart technology automates the rest.

Top 10 Customer Experience Management Trends to Learn From

Customer experience has always been a complex topic because of technology’s accelerated growth. The myriad of channels through which your business can serve the query of a grievous customer has evolved beyond the simple phone call into an interwoven network of phone call centers, social media management, chatting and emailing. The customer is now used to prompt and quick response times, the result of which most large companies need to continually monitor their customer channels. Your business must continue to improve customer experience if it wants to survive – one could argue that it is the cornerstone of your company’s success. The only way to spearhead it towards newer heights is by keeping up with the ever-changing customer experience trends.

Top 10 Customer Experience Management Trends to Watch out for:

1. Personalized shopping trends by using data analytics

You are expected to know the tastes, likes and dislikes of each and every single one of your customers, whether they number in the millions or if they can be counted on your fingertips. Today’s shopping experience is heavily personalized, driven by data analytics which is powered by supercomputers operating in the cloud. Companies that understand the importance of personalization are now seeking more and more of the customer’s data so they can curate the product better around your tastes.

Successful companies such as Netflix and Uber are so good with data analytics that they can make accurate predictions for what their customer would want next in the future – and when that future comes, they’re more than prepared to handle their requests. Despite the importance of data analytics in the personalization of the customer’s overall shopping experience, 80% of companies don’t know their customer beyond the basic information such as purchase history and frequency of their purchase.

2. The low effort in purchases

Time is money as they say and today’s customer is more about saving time than money. They want their purchase to be over as soon as possible. Standing in long queues and then waiting for the clerk to pack up your goods is a relic of the past decade. Consumers don’t want more decisions and spend the time to decide what to buy. Gone if the generation of curious online consumers doing extensive research and deciding the best option after days of digging through websites, consumers want to know the right choice now.

3. Purchases of the phone

Yes – your business needs to have an app if it wants a wider reach. Almost everyone (unless they’re living under a rock) owns a smartphone with access to the internet these days. In fact, most people are now making 51% of their purchases online using their phones! Australian shoppers are becoming more tech-savvy and more than 84% of the population is now using smartphones. The phone has now more power than the TV, you could even say it is the ‘colour TV’ of our generation.

4. Targeting the millennials

Millennials are now increasingly critical of your business than ever before. They make efforts to research your product over the internet before making an informed decision, something that the older generation doesn’t tend to do very often. In fact, 40% of millennials conduct their research online. Targeting this ambitious group of young people requires the use of catchy slogans and turning your business into a brand more than anything else.

millenial group of friends on targeting customer experience

5. Catering to emotions

Emotion is now becoming a strong component of the overall customer experience. Think of the PS4 and Xbox One fanboys – how they rage at each other on the internet on forums discussing how their brand is the superior one. That’s emotion at play here.

6. Let the metrics do the talking

Collecting key customer metrics such as customer satisfaction, customer profitability and click through rate should lend you a better understanding of the kind of product which will net you the best results.

7. Integrating with other businesses

Partnering up with other businesses to provide a more streamlined shopping experience to the customer has been an evolving trend. Credit card companies such as MasterCard and Visa are a prime example of this. Their promo campaigns give you voucher cards for discounts if you go to a certain restaurant and use their credit card for making the purchase.

8. Avoid challenging the cognitive resources too much

While giving the customers a wide range of choice is considered to be good business as it allows them greater control over their purchases, it has also been shown that too many of many choices, especially ones with similar characteristics, labeling one product ‘brown’ and another ‘hazelnut’ can place a psychological burden on the customer. Successful businesses are learning to avoid this practice.

9. Augmented reality

Businesses are now looking to gain their customer’s confidence by installing augmented reality images next to their product to give them a more in-depth review of what they’re buying into.

10. Train your staff and agents

Your agents are the ones that engage with the customer on a regular basis, training them on best practices and identifying where their successes and failures lie can be the difference between your support staff being your Achilles heel or a valued service. This is especially true for agents that deal with customer support channels.

Consequences of Ineffective Management of Blended Channels

Better Customer Experience = More Business

The management of blended channels can sometimes become the Achilles’ heel for many businesses. Instead of providing them with good returns, bad management of blended channels will result in soured customer service and experience. It has been estimated that bad customer experience is costing $120 Billion dollars to Australian businesses each year. This staggering figure clearly suggests how important is to devise strategies for better customer experience. With more people using different social media platforms, businesses can’t provide optimal customer experience only through contact centers. To highlight,  7 in 10 Australians use Facebook and approximately half of the Australian population daily logs onto Facebook, how many businesses do you know respond to their customer service channels through FaceBook?

Here are some of the consequences of Ineffective Management of Blended Channels

Unfamiliarity with Technology: Ineffective usage of blended channels + bad reputation of the business

Answering customer queries through inbound calling is fine but if your customer support agent is not familiar and efficient with the use of other interactive platforms (SMS, online chat, Twitter, Facebook), then your approach of blended channels can’t convert in better ROI. Generation Y is very agile and they are always in a hurry. Hence, they won’t like it when their queries are not answered quickly. Not only will they dump your services, but they will also only propagate the bad reputation of your business.

And it doesn’t stop just with bad mouthing. The same online tools which you have incorporated in your business will be used against you. They probably leave comment or review about their experience with you on social media platforms. A study suggests that more than 80% of people are influenced by online reviews when they reach any business through blended channels.

Why is Multi-Channel Customer Service Important?

Counter-Productivity of Multitasking Means Leads Won’t Convert

There are many caveats attached to the concept of multitasking. A school of thought believes that it is a good strategy for increased productivity while others think it is counterproductive.

Agents, when operating blended channels, are basically doing multitasking and there is a simple problem associated with that. Not every person is able to handle the challenge of multitasking demanded from the blended channel approach. Therefore, if you have huddled a team without assessing their multitasking capabilities, then there are strong chances that it will backfire.

barista multi tasking customer experience

People who fail to multitask can’t simultaneously concentrate on every interaction they are making on blended channels. Failing to provide 100% to every customer interaction means there will be less display of persuasion and convincing. We all know that with little persuasion you can’t successfully convert leads into customers.

Inefficient Management of Blended Calls and Increased Employee Turnover

Assigning agents that are not familiar with newer online platforms or who are not good at multitasking to the operations of blended channels also becomes problematic for your own employees.

With more workload and failing to manage multiple channels, their stress levels can shoot up. Apart from that, failure in converting leads and satisfying customers can also lead to frustration. Working under constant pressure can make many of your employees switch. Greater turnover rates are not good for the consistent performance of any business.

Unrelenting Mismanagement and Profit

If a business doesn’t mend its ways in managing the blended channels effectively, then the worst possible outcome will be decreased profits. With bad reputation, a business will have less lead generation, and with bad customer support even the loyal customers start to call it a day. The failure to acquire new customers and the inability to retain existing ones only means one thing: a significant dip in revenue.

It is an undisputed fact that devising multi-prong blended channels strategy is good for businesses but managing it effectively is the key to reap its benefits. If you are looking for better ways to improve customer engagement and offer better customer experience, get in touch.