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7 Software that can drive more Website Traffic to your Business

Top 7 Softwares that can help Increase Website Traffic and Drive More Sales

1. Autopilot (Automate your Emails)

The perfect solution for your company’s multi-channel marketing automation needs, Autopilot creates a unique journey for your customer by sending them texts and emails at the right time. For instance, if they’re reading your blog and read through to the end, they will receive a tiny little box at the bottom corner of the screen asking for their name and email address so they could subscribe to your website for more updates later.


Auto Pilot Marketing Automation Software for Customer Conversation Management

You can execute any marketing campaign by simple drag and drop tools which also support ROI reporting. Send customized SMS and postcards to make your customer’s journey more memorable – it is as easy as sending an email with personalization variables. The best feature is adding call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your blog which prompts visitors to download your content or pay for a feature.

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2. Hootsuite (Social Media Manager)

There is no dearth of social channels available, whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or a host of other similar services. Your next customer could very well be using either one of these services and all that is required of you is to reach them. However it quickly becomes overburdening for you to effectively engage customers across all these dozens of channels. This is where Hootsuite comes in.


hootsuite social media management platform

Hootsuite is a powerful tool that can easily represent all your social accounts in a single, neatly presented dashboard. You gain access to powerful analytics software which will help you analyze leads and opportunities that can benefit your business the most, all the while combining scalability, support and security in one tiny, affordable package.

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3. TweetDeck (Social Networking Software)

It is overwhelming keeping track of all user activity that your business is interested in tracking. TweetDeck presents Messages, Activity and your Mentions in a neatly categorized user interface which can be customized to your preferences. Perhaps the most useful feature from a pure data analytics point of view is the Activity bar, which allows you to keep track of a select group of Twitteratis that are following you (or are being followed by you). Monitor the day-to-day activities of your clients and competitors and build proper digital business strategies around them.

tweetdeck social networking software


You can also schedule TweetDeck to share blogs and content on your Twitter account, which means you won’t have to retweet the content on your website every one or two hours like a robot. That’s usually how social media marketing works.

4. Qualtrics Insight Platform

Every business wants to know how they’re performing, what features they can improve upon and which aspect of their product is causing grievances to their customer. For this reason and more, most businesses develop surveys and request their customers to take them to collect as much data about their preferences as possible.


qualtrics insight platform customer experience management

Examples of huge companies that do this are Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Ever get that slightly annoying pop up on your browser asking you to participate in a survey? This is exactly what Qualtrics Insight will help you do by bringing advanced online survey developing tools to your fingertips.

5. Salesforce

The premier customer relationship software, Salesforce brings the most efficient means of tracking your customer’s transactions to help your business stay relevant. You gain more knowledge of your sales team’s activities and allow for more seamless collaboration across all departments of your business. The days of storing your customer’s information on handwritten notes are long gone. Heck, even spreadsheets are getting phased out by Salesforce.

salesforce customer relationship management software


6. Use breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs greatly improve the way users navigate around a website which might be crawling with content and brimming with hyperlinks. They reduce the number of clicks that a user has to perform in order to reach certain desirable sections of the website. If your business is growing at a lightning-fast pace, it is advisable to make the customer’s journey less cumbersome by placing in breadcrumbs at strategic locations of your website. If you’re on WordPress, you can download Breadcrumb NavXT to generate locational breadcrumb trails for your website.

7. Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization is THE buzzword when it comes to improving a website’s overall ranking. Proper SEO software will break down your customer’s data into proper segments which can allow you to develop proper strategies around that data. A sound marketing plan is only built on customer data analytics.

Google Analytics and Kissmetrics can get the job done in most cases, going hand-in-hand to help your business crawl up search engine rankings, one keyword at a time.