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Optimise Conversion Rates with Customer Analytics in Woveon

Conversion in the world of business marketing means that when a customer visits your website, they follow through and take the desired action. This desirable action could be anything depending on the services that are being provided and the course of action you want the customers to take. For example, creating an account on you website, signing up for your newsletter via email subscription, downloading of a particular app or a PDF, etc.  

In conversion rate optimisation (CRO), the course of action you want your customers to take will determine which factors need to be measured and optimised. Optimising the conversation rate is about creating a systemic and structured approach that will improve your website performance. In order to achieve that end, data is collected via insights such as user feedback and analytics. These insights are determined and defined by the distinguishing features and objectives of your website.

The optimisation process works by taking the current traffic on your website and turning it into a success for your business. CRO is responsible for ensuring that the traffic coming to your website is effectively utilised as well. It does not work on guesswork or on hunches and it is definitely not about getting a lot of users, irrespective of their degree of participation on your site.

How does it work?

Conversion rates are the total amount of conversions divided by the number of people visiting your website. Yet, a very important question arises here as to what kind of visitors are we talking about — total or unique? For example, sometimes, the same person visits the website but buys the product just once or not at all. While the total number of visits will include each of their visits, they are after all, only one customer. This is why the true estimation of the optimisation rates is done with unique visitors only. Although it may not be the case every time, but the key is to use the same standard every time.

In order to optimise the conversion rates, you need to make a few changes to your website layout. There is no single way to do that since one thing that works for a site might not work for the other. Conversion funnel of the websites is always full of barriers and the purpose of effective optimisation is to remove as many barriers as possible.

Factors determining the Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are dependent on the performance of your website. However, the major standard determining the rates is the customer analytics. How many people are visiting your website, out of that, what number of people are going through the whole process and performing the desired action? This measures the conversion rate.

In the present day, when technology has become so advanced, the world is interacting with each other using a number of different channels. For example, there is social media, the interaction on websites, emails, and the list goes on. Therefore, it becomes quite a task to measure the conversion rates.

Optimising Conversion Rates with Woveon 

Woveon makes use of the latest technology to provide the exact estimate of conversion rates for any website. It helps the representative in optimising the conversion rates by providing them with data of the experiences of a particular customer to avoid trouble on both parts. This will ensure an increased chance of conversion.

Another way in which the software helps is by means of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Both these technologies are effective in increasing the rate of conversions by providing an intelligent and timely response to the customers.

How can Woveon help?

Woveon works by sorting and organising all the conversions in order to identify high value customers. The software ranks conversions on the basis of importance and urgency. Since it has identified the important customers, it is not a difficult task anymore. The final stroke of intelligence that comes with using this technology is finding out the preferences of the customers before they would be able to identify themselves and this allows you to delight them!

Moreover, it is an easy to use application that can be accessed online and provides a centralised location to the business, allowing them to manage and prioritise their customers in the best way possible. It allows the clients to easily interact with them by means of any channel that they prefer. It makes use of a wide breadth of data along with social as well as machine listening with a clean user interface to manage inquiries, suggest content, and identify customers that are of high value.

Furthermore, it optimises the conversion rates of any business by allowing them to reach and cater to their customers at any point easily.