5 Trialed and Tested Customer Service Strategies That Work

Customer service is often thought of as a not so important part of the business. They simply talk to angry customers, right? Today, the importance of customer service is at an all time high. Customers are so easily connected over the internet, and your competitors are a mere click away. Your company must offer superb products, and a staff to back up your brand. Here are a few tips and tricks to boost your customer service!

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Start with having a Customer Service charter, which outlines the standards of customer service your employees should deliver, and your customers can expect. Don’t worry, I’ll help you get started with a Customer Service Charter Template!

5 Tips to Excellent Customer Service

1.Listen to Your Customers!


If your customers take the time to give you feedback about your product or an experience they had with your company, take it as a great learning opportunity. Sometimes you have to listen to the signals, not just the direct comments. 7 Core Customer Service Skills Your Support Team Needs to have mentions the subtle clues that you should listen to in order to improve customer experience.

“Believe it or not, a customer service rep can learn more from what a customer doesn’t say than what they do say. Being attentive to the customers can help provide the company valuable feedback.”

“For example, if a customer says, ‘I always get confused during the Bluetooth pairing process,’ or ‘I can never seem to find the_____,’ this is a clear indication that your company has room for improvement, and these more subtle feedback methods can really improve your product overall.”

2. Hire Employees That Are Knowledgeable and Believe in Your Products

Nothing is more frustrating than calling customer service and feeling more apt than the “resourceful” representative. This is why it is so important to have knowledgeable staff who don’t just stick to a script and set of instructions. Your employees should be able to problem solve on their own. In order to do this, one should hire people who show interest in their business and understand its products. However, having knowledge on more than just the product is important. For smaller businesses, getting to know your customers and being able to talk with them more on a personal level can be very important. With Woveon’s technology, this is a walk in the park. Woveon’s recorded conversations not only help with consistency, but it can also help a customer service rep get to know the client more by reviewing past conversations. Although this may not apply to all businesses, small to mid-sized companies can really benefit from having personable customer service reps who are extremely knowledgeable about their product and clients. So before hiring any applicant, make sure he/she is enthusiastic about the product or service the company provides.

3. Recognize Customer Loyalty

cmo-marketing-customer service-strategy-customer successcustomer loyalty program

Customer loyalty is a big factor that is often looked over in companies. Existing customers cost 6x’s less than gaining new customers. When a customer is loyal, they will keep buying products, turning into more and more revenue. But how does a company identify and keep these customers happy? At Woveon, identifying important customers and helping with their every need is easy! Woveon has created AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs that identify businesses-valued customers in multiple ways. Say someone has shopped at an e-commerce website multiple times and has a great buying history but has now run into some trouble. If they contact the store via multiple channels such as social media or email, a representative from the business can pull up their information and understand they are a valued customer. They can focus on their problems more quickly, and this keeps up customer satisfaction.

4. Keep Staff Happy

cmo-marketing-customer service-strategy-customer success-happy staff

Staff retention is crucial to your company for improving customer service excellence. Research shows clearly that staff stay when they are happy and respect the company in which they work. Their happiness translates into excellent work when dealing with important customers.

Happy Staff = Happy Customers

5. Be Accessible

cmo-marketing-customer service-strategy-customer successacessavle

Make sure that there’s a clear and accessible way for customers to communicate with you, whether it’s in person, by phone, or by email, and that you have someone assigned to customer service on an ongoing basis. Using Woveon, it is quick and easy to look up customer requests and track the history of the conversations they have had. Also the sheer number of channels that you can add to Woveon makes it easy for larger companies to communicate over social media or other more basic channels. Woveon, having simplified the way companies keep track of multi-channel communication, makes it easy for companies to set up lots of communication channels.

Companies that view service through a single lens, that of customer complaints, are missing the larger, longer-term picture. Service isn’t just a game plan to satisfy unhappy customers. it’s an ongoing strategy that makes every interaction between every employee and every customer at every contact point a positive one. Customer service is also ongoing and always changing. Keep up with the times and the needs of your customers and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Get started with knowing what customer service means for your company, and how you will use it to your advantage. Try this Customer Service Goals Template!